Is the Paleo Diet Easy to Follow

The Paleo Diet has become very popular lately, a lot of people are trying it. In theory it may sound easy to eat just what cavemen ate. But a lot of people have discovered that a strict Paleo Diet is far from easy to follow.

First of all, changing is always difficult, we are creatures of habit. You need to know what you want to achieve before you start on changing anything in your life. Most people adopt the Paleo Diet because they want to become healthier. Such a goal is too vague, try to be more specific, for example losing 10 pounds or sleeping six hours per night.

A strict Paleo Diet excludes a lot of common foods and beverages. For most beginners, it is best to be less strict. If things work out well, you can make your diet stricter. Trying to force you to change too much too quickly, almost always backfires after a week or two. For example, restricting yourself to eat three non-Paleo meals per week is a reasonable challenge for most people. But you may have to either increase the number of weekly non-Paleo meals or define your Paleo Diet less strict. Potatoes and rice for example are strictly speaking not Paleo food but many Paleo dieters include at least one of them in their diet.

You often hear that it is expensive to follow the Paleo Diet. Many have discovered that their food bill increases when they adopt the Paleo Diet. Obviously, this very much depends on how much you usually spend on food. If you want grass-fed meat, when it will become expensive. Many Paleo dieters are not strict about that the meat has to have been grass-fed, this makes it cheaper and easier to buy meat. The same goes for the requirement for organic products. People on a tight budget often buy some non-organic products in order to save some money. The Paleo diet does not need to be expensive but it may require some creativity and flexibility if you want to keep your food bill low.

One practical problem with the Paleo Diet is that your non-Paleo friends may think you are awkward when it comes to dining out. The same goes for if you are invited home for dinner. Often it is best to make an exception and eat non-paleo food on special occasions. Your non-Paleo friends will certainly appreciate it. If you are going out with friends, try to persuade them to avoid the worst places for Paleo dieters, such as pizza places or sandwich bars.

As you can see, there are some practical problems following the Paleo Diet. But with a little bit of creativity and flexibility, it is possible to adopt the Paleo Diet without too much hassle.

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