Paleo Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is an important meal and the Paleo Diet includes a wide variety of breakfast meals. Still, many are struggling with coming up with suitable Paleo breakfast ideas. This may be due to the fact that a standard breakfast contains a lot of carbs, for example coffee, fruit juice, buttered bread and cereals. It can be difficult to break old habits.

Obviously what you can eat for breakfast depends on what type of Paleo Diet you have adopted. Let’s assume that we are not going to stick to a strict Paleo Diet. Bacon for example is not really healthy so in some versions of the Paleo Diet bacon is banned. You can of course also replace bacon with healthier meat.

Eggs are healthy and can be eaten often. You may have heard that eggs contain plenty of cholesterol and you should not eat more than a few eggs per week. Recent studies have shown that two eggs per day is not unhealthy, provided that you still eat a reasonably balanced diet. In other words, you can eat eggs for breakfast several times a week.

Personally, I love bacon and eggs for breakfast. But I don’t want to eat the same breakfast everyday. Eggs are often included in a Paleo breakfast, they may be boiled, fried, poached or scrambled. You can also make omelets with veggies, bacon, ham or mushrooms. Egg and salmon is another popular Paleo breakfast. Often the problem with eggs are that you get fed up eating eggs almost every day.

If you want a breakfast without eggs, you can try meat and nuts. It may sound like an odd breakfast but it is a quite tasty combination. You can also add avocado and olives. You can make various chicken salads most of which you can prepare the day before. Another nice breakfast is broccoli or asparagus wrapped in bacon. You also have the possibility to make Paleo pancakes, for example sweet potato pancakes. Grilled tomatoes with or without egg and bacon is another nice breakfast.

One potential drawback with many of these breakfast suggestions is that they are time consuming to prepare, not everyone has the necessary time in the morning. Most of the breakfast suggestions can be prepared the day before, saving you a lot of time in the morning.

What if you are on the road and don’t have access to a kitchen? You can buy fruit and vegetables from a supermarket or bring nuts and dried fruit with you. You can eat beef jerky for breakfast. Most canned food is not ideal but you can try tuna in olive oil. Hard boiled eggs are easy to bring with you.

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