Paleo Diet and Weight Loss

The Paleo Diet has really become popular the last couple of years, in 2013 it became the most googled diet on the Internet. How efficient the Paleo Diet is for losing weight has become a very popular topic. Many nutrition experts and gurus are not impressed by the Paleo Diet while its supporters say it is the easiest way of getting rid of fat.

There are several versions of the Paleo Diet but they can all be summarized as low carbs diets. Weight loss is generally all about calories but interestingly, the Paleo Diet does not count calories. Many versions of the Paleo Diet are also high in fat which often is criticized by many non-Paleo diet gurus.

The rising popularity of the Paleo Diet has also made it popular to criticize the diet. But so far not many scientific studies about the efficiency of the Paleo Diet has been done. This means that much of the discussion is mostly based on theoretical or anecdotal evidence.

That many nutritionists are suspicious of the Paleo Diet was confirmed in the 2013 US News & World Report, which examined 28 diets and placed the Paleo Diet last, together with the Duke Diet. The British Dietetic Association (BDA) did not find any proof that the Paleo Diet improves health, and continued that its demand that you exclude food groups essential to health such as dairy, grains and legumes could leave people seriously deficient in essential vitamins and calcium.

It is also easy to find a lot of people, including a number of celebrities, who say that thanks to the Paleo Diet they have lost weight and have much more energy than previously.

Strictly speaking, in order to lose weight, you have to consume less calories than you burn. It does not really matter in what form you get the calories. Since the Paleo Diet typically does not count calories, there is no way to tell if you will gain or lose weight. But one advantage with the Paleo Diet is that most calories come from fat and protein, rather than carbs. This balances out insulin levels and makes you less hungry between meals because protein sustains you longer than carbohydrate. All this makes it easier to cut down the intake of calories. In dome cases, this has led to significant weight loss in the first few weeks, due to the low quantities of carbs consumed and water expelled from your body.

But if you want to lose weight, it is still best to combine a relatively strict diet with exercise. It is also important to eat lean meat, vegetables, fruit and nuts. Too much red meat and unhealthy fats will not make it easy to lose weight.

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