Quick and Easy Paleo Snacks

Snacks may not be necessary from a strict nutrition point of view but once in a while you really want a snack. Fortunately, there are plenty of different Paleo snacks which are quick and easy to prepare.

First of all, fresh fruits are excellent snacks and despite that many of them contain plenty of sugar they are still part of most Paleo diets. Just remember that the fruit you buy in the supermarket is much sweeter and contains less fibers than fruits which were available a couple thousands years ago. Vegetables are also good Paleo snacks. Nuts and dried fruits have the advantage that they can be stored for a long time, making it easy for you to have snacks available at home.

Still, even if you are not into fruits or vegetables, you have plenty of simple Paleo snacks to choose from. Here just a few suggestions, all of which are quick and easy to prepare.

An easy solution is to buy energy bars, there are plenty of Paleo-friendly bars, even Paleo Diet Bars. They are easy to store and can generally be stored for quite some time. Energy bars are available in a wide variety of tastes, not all of them are Paleo though. You can also make your own Paleo bars to ensure that they contain just the ingredients you want.

You can make many kinds of delicious Paleo muffins and you can put them into the freezer so that you can enjoy your muffins for the next few weeks. Obviously, normal muffins are not Paleo food, they contain plenty of ingredients that are non-Paleo. Fortunately, it is easy to create muffins using just Paleo ingredients. Use almond flour instead of normal flour. Banana muffins seems to be very popular and they are easy to make. But you can of course make all kinds of muffins, don’t be afraid of testing some new ingredients.

If you want meat, chicken or bacon let you create a lot of different snacks quickly. Bacon can be wrapped around a lot of food, for example asparagus or eggs, creating a nice snack. Chicken meat can be cheap but remember that it may not be as healthy as you would like. Beef Jerky is of course a very convenient snack, it can be stored for a long time and easy to bring along when you are traveling.

Fish is a splendid for snacks. One drawback is that if you want fish that can be stored for long time, it will typically be less healthy food than fresh fish. Still, tuna in olive oil is very good and easy to take with you when you travel. Smoked salmon can be combined with eggs and much else to create a delicious snack quickly. Shrimp cocktails are easy to make, at least if you don’t mind using frozen shrimps, and they can be made very tasty.

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