The Paleo Lifestyle

The Paleo Diet has become very popular but some people have gone one step further and try to adopt a paleo lifestyle. A good diet is important but if you want to feel healthy and energized, you generally need more than just a good diet.

The term Paleo Lifestyle is not very common but you can find plenty of material promoting a lifestyle that incorporates the Paleo Diet. One of the most popular is Mark Sisson’s The Primal Blueprint. The goal of all these lifestyles is to reshape your body so it becomes full of energy and lets you enjoy a long and healthy life.

Eat only what cavemen ate is the idea behind the Paleo Diet. This means that for example grains, dairy and processed foods are no-nos. You want your body to start using fat as fuel rather than sugar. But most people find it very difficult to adopt a strict Paleo Diet, therefore many versions of the Paleo Diet allow for some exceptions.

Many of those who have started to feel energized and healthier after adopting the Paleo Diet start looking for other changes they can do to get even more energy and becoming more productive. Rather than going on a stricter Paleo Diet, many look for lifestyle changes to get healthier.

It is no surprise that exercise is an important part of the Paleo Lifestyle. It is well known that exercise is good for your health and cavemen had to be fit in order to catch something edible. But many Paleo coaches have their own ideas how you should exercise. Mark Sisson for example promotes frequent low intensity exercises rather than doing longer sessions of medium to heavy intensity. Overexercise will not make you healthier. But occasional short bursts of maximum effort are important, for example weight training should be done with high intensity but stick to short sessions. Exercises should also work the whole body rather than just one single group of muscles.

The Paleo lifestyle also tries to minimize stress, far from easy in the modern world. For this it is important to get adequate sleep, don’t use an alarm clock. You have one advantage over the caveman, you can have a much more comfortable and safer sleeping environment, make the most of it. Spend a lot of time relaxing, playing and socializing, don’t think about work all the time. It is also important to be out in the nature as much as possible and make sure that you get plenty of sunlight. By walking barefoot and wearing just the necessary clothes, you let nature strengthen your body.

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